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Leejam Sports Company

Steering The Sports Industry

Leejam is an influential player in the sports industry. It offers a distinctive range of services and provide sports enthusiasts access to the finest facilities and technologies through global collaborations.

Elevating Quality of Life Through Sports

Leejam Sports Company, The ingenious attitude and its developmental framework play a crucial part in enabling a healthier, fitter, and vibrant society. As a nationwide sports company, we have a clear mandate to deliver access to sports – to enable a healthier society in line with the initiatives and goals of Saudi Vision 2030 developing the sports sector, raising the quality of life for residents, and helping them adopt a healthy lifestyle to create a vibrant society






Concept Studios & Academies




Sports Facilities

Leejam Sports Company

“Since its listing, Leejam Sports Company has achieved its expansion plans, maintained its dividend distribution policy and maximized its shareholders value as planned”

Ali Hamad Al-Saqri — Chairman’s Statement
Leejam Sports Company

Financially Strong

Operational Resilience

Market Position

Why Invest With Us?


Financially Strong

  • Strong Cash Generation
  • Strong Financial Position
  • Economy of Scale 

Operational Resilience

  • Experienced Team
  • Robust Member Retention Strategy
  • Integrated Digital Transformation         

Market Position

  • Largest Gym Chain in MENA
  • Underpenetrated Fitness Market
  • Geographic and Demographic Expansion
Leejam Sports Company

Reports and Presentations


Explore how Leejam Sports has powered forward in its quest to solidify its leading position within the last quarter.

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Leejam Sports Annual Report 2022

Why Joining Our Vendor Gate Family is a Powerful Move

Every step of the way, Leejam Sports a prominent Saudi sports company, strives higher as it works toward its 2030 growth goal. Partnerships with global leaders in business that share its vision for unstoppable success are an element of that aspiration. We are happy to provide the Supplier Portal as a means for its potential suppliers (of services and materials) to register with us for this purpose. As a byproduct, we continue to develop and will expand with your participation, ensuring your professional and business success.

Join an Elite Sports Business

By registering with us, you will have the chance to be involved in a number of opportunities (Tendering, Service, and Material) to supply and guarantee Leejam Sports needs in order to carry out its operations with reliable and competent vendors and partners.

Small Business & Local Content Partner

We provide opportunities for small businesses to join our supplier base, which is effectively managed through the Leejam e-supplier portal. This comes as part our commitment to increase local content and support small & medium businesses to share our success.

Make Way for Soaring Growth

By partnering with Leejam, you’ll have the possibility of working together to have the chance to effectively expand your company alongside ours.

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We aim to establish ourselves as the “employer of choice” with a thriving workplace environment. Learn how you can progress further with us.

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