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Company Overview

Leejam company comprehensive sports facilities offer the community a contemporary, spotless, and friendly setting. A community with high-end technology, highly skilled professional employees, and an operating culture that surpasses international standards.


As managing sports and recreation facilities is the company’s primary business, Leejam goes above and beyond to offer easily accessible services in the sports industry; for individuals as well as for enterprises. As a byproduct, Leejam now offers a plethora of sports services and active lifestyle keys, outside the scope of gyms and beyond what one could possibly imagine. Leejam is the largest network of sports facilities in the MENA region, dominating both the male and female segments.

Leejam Fitness Time
Our Vision

To be people’s favorite and the most accessible wellness club.

Leejam Fitness Time
Our Mission

To steer society towards a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to exercise daily.

Our values

In intention to encourage society to lead healthy lifestyles, we build a setting where sports is convenient and accessible. Thus, to strengthen our strategies, we adhere to the following five main values:



Customer service excellence

Our Customer Service Excellence program offers a distinctive approach to all customers and organizations, to mainstream professional and high-level services


We take our responsibilities truthfully, to identify abrupt gaps and effectively address them; as we are liable for our productivity.


For us, innovation is the systematic application of our business goals, that leads to the entrance of distinctive offerings to the sports industry.


Our teams are trained to conduct themselves professionally while upholding business regulations and procedures. Our daily conduct at work, including the way we treat employees and customers, has a significant positive impact on how well we perform our duties.


We define cooperation as working together to achieve both professional and personal objectives. We thrive as our skill sets are integrated with effective communication.

Swimming Pools
GX Studios
Cycling Studios
Running Tracks
Basketball Courts
Football Pitches
Volleyball Courts
Squash Courts
Padel Courts

History & Timeline


First Gym Opened


Expanded to the UAE


First Ladies Center Opened


We were listed in Tadawul Exchange


Became the largest Ladies Gym Network in KSA


Launched the Low cost – High Value Segment


Fastest Fitness Company to Recover from COVID-19 Pandemic Globally


Archived more than 1 Billion SAR Revenue & the highest Net profit ever Recorded


Acquired Al-Tatheer Sports Company & Launched the Concept Studios Segment

Leejam Brands

The secret of Leejam’s success lies in the carefully chosen locations of its fitness centers, they are designed to offer the sports community a conveniently placed, easily accessible, and well-equipped center. Leejam’s diversified offerings are reinforced by novel equipment that provides users with a superior customer experience. Every corner is based on strategically effective brand differentiation, where it incorporates choice offerings to meet any budget.

Low cost - High value
Concept Studios
Fitness plus Leejam brand
Fitness Time Plus
Fitness Time
Fitness Time Pro
Fitness Time Xpress


Subsidiaries are accelerated by Leejam as essential instruments for capital deployment, core business endorsement, and value creation.





Al-Tatheer Sports Company

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